Kids & Family Registration Form

Thank you for having your children participate in our ministry! Please provide the necessary information below, even if you have registered in the past. We need each child to register every year so we can be sure to have updated emergency contact and allergy information.

You need to enter in the information with a red star next to it, and you must click on the blue Continue button at the very bottom of this page for your information to be submitted.

Note: We use your child's age and grade as of September 1st, 2014 to determine what ministry your child will be in for the entire school year.

If you have more than 4 children to register, please submit a second online registration form.

Be sure to press the Continue button at the bottom of the form for your information to be entered!
Parent (s) or Guardians names (First & Last)
State (use VT for Vermont)
Zip Code
Phone number
Household email address (or type NONE)
Name of Emergency Contact
Emergency Phone Number
Do any of your children have allergies or other special needs? (If you answer yes, you will be given a box to give us the details after you hit Continue at the bottom of this page)
  • No
  • Yes - Allergies or other needs
We sometimes use pictures of children in our ministries for promotional purposes. We are very careful how these pictures are used, and never with the child's name. Is there any reason why pictures of your children should NOT be used?
  • Yes - Do not use my child's photo


Information for your First Child

First Child's Name (First & Last)
First Child's Gender
First Child's Grade
First Child's Birth Month
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Information for Second Child (leave blank in not needed)

Second Child's Name (First & Last)
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Second Child's Grade
Second Child's Birth Month
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Second Child's Birth Year


Information for Third Child (leave blank in not needed)

Third Child's Name (First & Last)
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Information for Fourth Child (leave blank in not needed)

Fourth Child's Name (First & Last)
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