March 20, 2020

Church Family and Friends,

One week into a world that we probably never imagined. I hope that you and your family are doing well and adjusting to these ever-changing events.

I want to invite you and encourage you to join us this Sunday at either 9:30 am or 11:00 am for our live stream time of worship together. Much like our regular Sunday morning service, worship in music will start us off, followed by worship in God’s Word.

Let me remind us all of two key things:
  1. The church is us, and the church needs to connect and worship together. Sometimes that happens in big gatherings, but throughout much of history, and in many parts of the world, it happens in small groups of people. Big or small we still need to be together. This is our way to connect together.
  2. The best antidote for worry, anxiety, or fear is always worship! Take an hour and worship together. I guarantee you’ll feel better!

Join us this Sunday and every Sunday, until we get the all-clear, at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. How to tune in? It’s simple!You have two choices:
  1. Go to our webpage (not recommended for phones or tablets)
  2. Go right to our Essex Alliance Church

Here’s a couple of other things for you to know…

Children’s Learning Resources:
Each week our Children’s Ministries Department will be posting helpful and fun resources for families with young children. Click on this link

Here to Help:
If you are over 65 and find yourself not fully comfortable going out for groceries or medicines, we are ready to help. We have volunteers who are ready and willing to pick up your orders and bring them to you. For more information, call 802–878–8213, ext. 140.

During this time of disruption, those who used the food shelf still need that help in order to feed themselves and their families. We want to keep helping to feed the hungry. Accordingly, we are planning for a mobile food shelf drop off event for Sunday, April 5. More details and a list of needed items will follow shortly. Be sure to check our website for more information as the plan is developed.

How Long Will This Last?
Truth is, none of us know for sure, but we expect these “social distancing” directives to be in place for a number of weeks. We of course will be watching things closely, but at this point we do not expect to be able to meet together for Easter. We anticipate that these not-meeting orders will be in place at least through the end of April. If that changes, we will be happy to pass that along.

What Do We Do in the Meantime?
Join in each week for our worship time together. It will make a difference! This week I’ll be talking about “What to do in a crisis.” So tune in, and tell your friends and family to tune in as well. Our team is actively looking at tools that we can use to connect together; to connect small groups, ministry teams, students, prayer needs and requests, an Ask the Pastor page etc. We will keep you updated on things as they go online.

Remember, we don’t need a building to be the Church! Caring for the elderly or those at high risk, M25 mobile drop off… those are the Church in action! Thanks for being a part of our church family!

Pastor Scott