Sunday Morning Ministries

Sunday Morning Ministries

All ministries offered at the 9:30 Service

Below you will find information about the programs we offer on Sunday morning.  If you visit us when ministry is not available, or you are not ready to try out our programs, we welcome kids in our church services or you can ask an usher or the Information Desk about our Family Room.  The Family Room is available during every service equipped with toys, coloring pages and the service live-streamed.

Note:  We use “school age” (as of September 1st)  to help ensure that our programs are focused at the right developmental stage, and allow the children and their Small Group Leaders to develop a healthy and fun relationship during the year. Sprouts (Birth - Age 2)  

We have fully staffed and equipped nursery areas available to provide loving care for infants and toddlers. Our numbered calling system alerts parents if their child needs them.  In our 2-3 year old room they have a teaching time and fun craft time to age appropriately connect the teaching time for them. lil'Fusion (Age 3 - Pre-Kindergarten)

lil'Fusion is a fun and active place for preschoolers to discover the basic truths that God Made Me, God Love Me and Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever. Kids will enjoy music, lessons and games each week. During large group time, kids will enjoy singing and dancing along to music videos and then hear the Bible lesson presented by a live teacher.  Kids will then break into small groups for discussion time and engaging crafts. kidFusion (Kindergarten - Grade 5)

Using creativity as a springboard, kidFusion helps elementary kids discover and embrace a growing relationship with Christ. Music, interactive stories, and cool hands on activities are part of kidFusion every week.  Our large group time uses a changing combination of multi-media and live object lessons that present the Bible story and lesson.  The kids then break up into smaller group based upon grades so that they can do age appropriate activities that reinforce the main point of the day. We want to help start spiritual discussions, so kids will come home with resources you can use as a family to talk about God all week long!