Good Questions!

Here are some questions and answers that we get asked a lot.

1. Do I have to be a member of Essex Alliance to be a part of the team?
                          (includes worship, band, tech crew)
Simple answer: no.
Longer answer: while membership is not required, you might want to think about it from this perspective - it is a big commitment to serve in this area of ministry. We ask for a lot of your time (multiple services, regular rehearsals, extra rehearsals for special events, etc.) which might tend to get a little irritating if you are not at a point where you can make and keep that kind of commitment. So, maybe the better question might be: Is this going to require a significant commitment on my part? The answer to that one is - yes. Un-apologetically.
Is it a commitment that is worth making? Without a doubt. But you have to be the one that makes that call. If you are "called" to this area of ministry, then the commitment level will not feel like a burden. It will be a joyful experience.

 2. Do I need to be able to read music to be in the worship team or the band?
It definitely helps. If you are not able to read music, you will probably need to spend more time on your own learning the music. We work hard at making sure you have the resources (printed and recorded music) that you need to be prepared for worship.

 3. If I join the team, do I have to be at all the services?
We have to answer that one by saying yes - you get to participate in all three services.  Most people find it to be quite fulfilling and energizing to see how each service responds differently and uniquely in worship.

4. Do we really memorize everything that we sing/play?
Yes. We try hard to get it all memorized. The benefit is being able to truly lead in worship as you sing/play. Memorizing the words and the music helps us sing out or play with more confidence. Rehearsals are planned in such as way to allow for several weeks of preparation for each and every song that we sing.

5. What does this audition/interview look like? That kind of scares me.
Pastor Ron is a scary, intimidating guy. But, Levi (worship leader/High School Pastor) and Travis (Technical Arts Director) will be there as well. We figure if you can get through that without choking, then you'll be ready to adequately lead worship! Just kidding. Relax. It is meant to give us a feel for your voice, what part you might sing, how well you read music, answer any questions that you might have, and basically just get to know you a little before you get thrown into the fire. Just kidding again - about the fire thing. Don't worry. It really is meant to be a relaxed time. You will be asked to sing or play a song or two. 

If you have other questions that we haven't answered here, please e-mail Pastor Ron.