Celebrate Recovery

Every Thursday Night - 7:00 p.m
Essex Alliance Church
37 Old Stage Rd.
Essex Jct., VT

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Please Note: You must be 18 years of age to attend Celebrate Recovery.
We are unable to provide childcare at this time, and can not accommodate having children in the building during the meeting.

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Our C.R. Mission Statement:
Transformed Lives. Restored Marriages. Renewed Souls.



  Celebrate Recovery is a bible-based ministry helping people find freedom from the hurts, hang-ups and habits in their lives.  Low self-esteem, alcoholism, eating disorders, codependency, drug abuse, abandonment, resentment and a history of abuse are just a few of the issues this program can help people overcome while exploring the truth of God’s word.

This program uses the encouragement of the Bible to apply God's grace and strength to the 12 steps and 8 principles of recovery. If you'd like to download an informational sheet with an overview of those steps, Click Here.

You must be 18 years of age to attend Celebrate Recovery.


If you're interested in getting involved as a volunteer, a leader or just want more information, be sure to fill out the form on this page

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If you're struggling with a hurt, habit or hangup and need immediate help, please don't wait. Contact our Care Department. We want to walk beside you through both your struggles and growth.


Each Thursday night features a time of worship along with a lesson on one of the 8 principles of recovery (or a testimony). After that, we split into gender and issue specific groups for a time of sharing and encouragement. There's no need to run out after that, though. Join us for a time of fellowship after the Open Share groups; enjoy a cup of coffee and make some new friends! Check out the details below:

7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Large Group – Worship & Lesson or Testimony. 
8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Open Share Groups – Specific Groups for Men & Women. 
9:00 p.m. Solid Rock Café – Fellowship, Coffee & More.

Open Share groups are at the heart of Celebrate Recovery. This is a time to be encouraged by people who have struggled with similar issues. To encourage safe and open communication, Open Share groups are gender specific. Our current groups include:
  • Newcomers 101

  • Men's Chemically Dependent
  • Men's Overcoming Sexual Addictions/Concerns
  • Men's H3 (For any Hurts, hang-ups or habits)

  • Women's Chemically Dependent
  • Women's Codependency 
  • Women's Food Addictions/Concerns
  • Women's Overcoming Abuse
  • Women's H3 (For any Hurts, hang-ups or habits)
This fellowship event takes place each Thursday night after the Large Group Meeting and Open Share Groups. Coffee, tea and other refreshments will be provided. It’s a great place to grow relationships of integrity, and identify Accountability Partners and Sponsors.

What is a Step Study? In addition to the Thursday Night Large Group and Open Share meetings, the Step Study is an intensive curriculum in which you meet with the same group of 6-12 people for 6-8 months and work through the 12 steps and 8 principals of recovery to overcome hurt from your past, habits from today and hang-ups in your life. Joining a Step Study is not required to be a part of the Thursday night meeting, but it is a great way to find healing.


The Information Table is set up on Thursday nights to provide a place for newcomers to find answers to questions and find an Open Share group to identify with. It's also used to distribute flyers for issue-specific groups, and to offer Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides and The Celebrate Recovery Bible for purchase or order. Here's a link to some of the material available on our Information Table:
We also recommend the following optional resources available for review when visiting the Information table on Thursday Nights. (They are available for sale through many online retailers)
  • The Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides (used in Step Studies/ Available through EAC)
  • The Celebrate Recovery Bible, NIV (Zondervan)
  • The Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional (Zondervan)
  • Your First Steps to Celebrate Recovery by John Baker
  • The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren


http://www.essexalliance.org/uploads/volleyball_event_cr.jpgCelebrate Recovery is not only about personal recovery, but building relationships of integrity. God never designed us to walk through life alone, and having God repair our character defects to overcome our Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups can be hard work. That's why it's so important to build friendships, and relationships of accountability with others. Solid Rock Café is a great way to start building those relationships, but we also know it's important for our C.R. family to just have fun together sometimes. That's why we offer regular Fellowship Events. Whether it's game night, a cookout, volleyball or movie-night, we love spending time together, and we'd love to have you join us.

Wanna see some pictures from our Fellowship Events? Here's a few photo albums, but be sure to like our Facebook page for all the latest activities! (Please see our Photo Disclaimer at the bottom of the page)

Thanksgiving Dinner: An Evening of Gratitude 
Our visit to the 2013 East Coast Summit
C.R. Night Dress Rehearsal!

(For confidentiality, we do not allow cameras in our meetings,
so the dress rehearsal photos are as close as you'll get without visiting. :)



Abuse (physical/sexual/emotional)
Anger & Rage
Anxiety & Depression
Control Issues
Drug Abuse
Eating Disorders
Financial & Spending Issues
Loss & Grief
Low Self-Esteem & Feelings of Inadequacy
Pornography & Sexual Addictions
Resentment & Forgiveness
...or any other hurts, hang-ups or habits



Do you have a desire to see changed lives? Want to get involved as a volunteer? Contact us using this form.  We need individuals with many different skill sets and spiritual gifts—from worship leaders to people with 12-step program experience—from set-up crews to small group leaders. There's a place for everyone to serve and grow.


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PHOTO DISCLAIMER: Your confidentiality is important to us. Everyone who appears on this site has signed a photo release because they want to help promote the healing ministry of Celebrate Recovery. We will not take your picture without permission.