Partnering with Soul Hope 2012, eacFusion has partneried with Sole Hope, an organization that provides shoes to kids in Uganda. Many kids in that part of the world do not have shoes.

Their feet get exposed to a bug called Jiggers or sand fleas.  The fleas like to make their home in the bottom of exposed feet.  While people usually don't notice when the bugs first borrow in, they later become quite painful.  The fleas feed on the blood of the host person and lay eggs... which results in even more jiggers. left untreated, this can lead to major infections, paralysis and sometimes the loss of toes or feet.  The only way to get the jiggers out is a painful process using a pin.

On some Sundays and at some of our special events, eacFusion kids will have the chance to cut out fabric that will be sent to Uganda to be made into shoes.  It is a really cool process, as ladies in Uganda are taught by Sole Hope how to make the shoes.  This provides a source of income for these families, while kids get shoes to protect their feet. 

Sole Hope also helps by educating kids about foot health, and by providing materials to kill jiggers before they find homes in kids' feet.

To keep our partnership working, we would love the following donations:
  • Denim fabric, old jeans or upholstery fabric for the outside of shoes
  • Cotton fabric (the kind used by quilters) for the shoe liners
  • High quality sewing scissors
  • High quality pinking shearers
Donations can be dropped off at the church office or at kidFusion on Sunday mornings.
Kids can also bring money they want to donate and tithe to the project.  The money goes to Uganda to help keep the micro-enterprise ministry going.  Our children's ministry giving boxes are at the check in areas at kidFusion and lil'Fusion each Sunday.

And of course, you can pray for the kids that will receive the shoes!