Sermons Series

It's Not Me, It's You

Today's Worship Set: 1. Gone by Elevation Worship 2. Grace is On Our Side by Vertical Worship 3. How Amazing by Jesus Culture Scott Slocum, lead pastor. "It's Not Me, It's You"

Date Title Speaker
3/4/2012 Formula for Success Scott Slocum
3/11/2012 When You've Lost Your Edge Scott Slocum
3/18/2012 On Mission Scott Slocum
4/1/2012 Transformational Worship Scott Slocum
4/8/2012 Best Life Ever Scott Slocum
5/20/2012 Bringing a Smile to God's Face Scott Slocum
7/22/2012 A Successful College Experience, not to mention: Life Scott Slocum
8/12/2012 So what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Scott Slocum
10/7/2012 By Chance or By Choice Scott Slocum
11/4/2012 Right, Heart, Feet. Part 1
11/11/2012 Right, Heart, Feet. Part 2
11/25/2012 What are You Thankful For?
12/30/2012 Peace Makers
1/6/2013 New Year's Reconciliation
1/13/2013 When God Calls Your Name - Getting Started Scott Slocum
1/20/2013 When God Calls Your Name - part 2: Finishing Strong Scott Slocum
1/27/2013 "Greater Things" Steve & Amy Nehlsen
3/10/2013 When Jesus Heals Your Life Martin Sanders
3/24/2013 Just Jesus Jason Dumaine
3/31/2013 Hitting a Wall. Easter 2013 Scott Slocum
5/26/2013 The Heart of a Soldier
6/2/2013 Set For Life! Scott Slocum
6/9/2013 Identity Defines Purpose
6/16/2013 How God Wired Men Mark Blow
6/23/2013 Be The One Scott Slocum
6/30/2013 The Passover Lamb Scott Slocum
7/7/2013 Our Purpose Jason Dumaine
7/14/2013 Faithful in a Faithless World Scott Slocum
7/21/2013 When it All Comes Crashing Down Scott Slocum
7/28/2013 Standing on the River Bank
8/4/2013 "I Want Your Autograph" - A Lesson on Greatness Scott Slocum
8/11/2013 Rebuilding Community
8/18/2013 Isaiah 53: Behold My Servant Karl DeSouza
8/25/2013 On Mission in Passing Through
9/1/2013 The Church
10/6/2013 The Shepherd's Promise Josh Masters
11/3/2013 Strength in Weakness
11/17/2013 Believe Scott Slocum
11/24/2013 A Great Thanksgiving Scott Slocum
12/1/2013 Letting Go Jason Dumaine
12/8/2013 Yada
12/15/2013 Believe, part 2 Scott Slocum
12/29/2013 The Gift of God's Son
1/5/2014 New Year, New Heart, New Mind, New Focus
1/12/2014 Only for Awhile Scott Slocum
1/19/2014 What to Do on the Worst Day of Your Life Scott Slocum
1/26/2014 Tim Crouch at Essex Alliance Tim Crouch
2/2/2014 Be Light Karen Conkle
3/23/2014 Foundations - Christ Our Saviour
3/30/2014 Invite Them to the Party Scott Slocum
4/20/2014 Doors: Barriers or Thresholds Scott Slocum
5/11/2014 Blessed Christine Wilkens
5/18/2014 The Power Of The Promise is His Presence Jason Dumaine
6/15/2014 The Calling
7/6/2014 Pinterest Perfect Problem
7/13/2014 Our Calling Keith Beyar
8/3/2014 A Real Success Story Scott Slocum
8/17/2014 The Forgiveness Plan Joshua Masters
8/24/2014 Teaching, Not Telling
8/31/2014 Seasons of Spiritual Transformation Jim Wilkens
10/12/2014 Winning The Battle
10/19/2014 Don't Be A Fool Scott Slocum
10/26/2014 Don't be a Orphan Scott Slocum
11/9/2014 In Remembrance JimWilkens
11/23/2014 It's Complicated
11/30/2014 Advent of Joy& Hope not debt & depression Christine Wilkens
12/14/2014 Beyond Caring Into Action
12/28/2014 What Did You Get?
1/18/2015 Remember Joshua Master
1/25/2015 Listening and Doing
2/22/2015 Be More David Aderholdt
3/1/2015 Who is Jesus and why does it matter? David Aderholdt
3/9/2015 Love God Scott Slocum
4/5/2015 No More Dead EndsMatthew 28 Scott Slocum
4/19/2015 What's Love Got To Do With It? Jim & Christine
5/10/2015 Stretch
5/24/2015 Project Soul Dance Christine Wilkens
5/31/2015 Help Is not a Four letter Word
6/21/2015 Perseverance Under Pressure Jim Wilkens
7/5/2015 A big story about a really big God
8/9/2015 Pursuing Presence Propelling Passion
8/23/2015 Don't Be Afraid,Trust and Follow
8/30/2015 Nehemiah revisited
9/6/2015 Project Soul Dance 2 Christine Wilkens
9/20/2015 Love Must Be Sincere
10/4/2015 Make It Real
10/25/2015 The Key To Fruitfulness Andy Geffers
11/8/2015 He Loves Us
11/15/2015 My Part And Your Part Scott Slocum
12/6/2015 God’s Knowledge Brings Comfort Rev. Tom Flanders
12/13/2015 What in the World? Scott Slocum
12/29/2015 What Did You Get
1/10/2016 Be The One Scott Slocum
1/17/2016 Empowerment for Reconciliation Forgiveness Christine Wilkens
1/24/2016 Reconciliation Jim Wilkens
1/31/2016 When Change Seems Distant Scott Slocum
2/16/2016 No Fear Of Failure Scott Slocum
2/21/2016 CHOOSE
2/28/2016 The Battle Between Flesh&Spirit
3/27/2016 Your Choice Scott Slocum
5/8/2016 What Mother's Need Most Scott Slocum
5/15/2016 Intentional, Intimate, Obedient
5/29/2016 Won't You Be My Neighbor Scott Slocum
6/26/2016 Decisions and Destiny Jeff Quinn
7/3/2016 I Believe Jim Wilkens
7/10/2016 Godly Sorrow Keith Beyar
8/7/2016 Spiritual Growth Keth Beyar
8/21/2016 Life 2016 Recap
8/28/2016 Chosen For What? David Brickner
9/4/2016 More Than Sight Russ Joy
9/26/2016 Election 2016 Left Wing? Right Wing? Or A Wing And A Prayer Scott Slocum
10/2/2016 JAARS Mike Mower
10/30/2016 Radical Hospitality Chris Centracchio
12/4/2016 What Beating Cancer Looks Like Erron Hubbell
12/19/2016 The Untold Christmas Story Scott Slocum
1/29/2017 The Greatest Verse
2/19/2017 Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here Christine Wilkens
3/12/2017 Annual Report Scott Slocum
4/16/2017 Hope Scott Slocum
5/7/2017 Not By Bread Alone Jim Wilkens
6/4/2017 Communion Scott Slocum
6/12/2017 Sudden Storms Scott Slocum
6/18/2017 A Great Gift For Your Kids Scott Slocum
7/2/2017 The Good News Of Freedom In Christ Mike James
7/9/2017 GREATNESS
7/23/2017 Our God Is A Sending God Andy Geffers
8/20/2017 TIME/TIME
8/28/2017 You're Not Alone Jim Wilkens
9/4/2017 Stories Russ Joy
10/15/2017 Who's In Your Picture? Jeff Quinn
10/29/2017 Forgiveness John Stumbo
11/5/2017 Why Not You? Scott Slocum
11/12/2017 God's Righteousness Revealed Jim Wilkens
2/4/2018 Go To The Land. I Will Show You Rob Childs
6/3/2018 Stones Russ Joy
6/10/2018 What It Takes to go the Long Haul Christine Wilkens
8/26/2018 Awaken to Kingdom Reality Janice Quinlan
9/2/2018 Missionary Keith Beyar Keith Beyar
9/9/2018 JAARS John Strawser
10/28/2018 Remember to Pray Rob Childs
11/4/2018 The Life of a Tent Dweller Jeff White
11/11/2018 Qualities of a Good Soldier Scott Slocum
12/16/2018 Joy beyond Christmas Scott Slocum
12/30/2018 Just Say No Scott Slocum
2/17/2019 The Value of a Broken Heart Scott Slocum
2/24/2019 The Jesus Special Russ Joy
3/3/2019 Living on Mission Scott Slocum
3/24/2019 Rise and Go! Matt Baumgartner
4/14/2019 Journey to the Table Matt Baumgartner
4/21/2019 Easter 2019 - "What Will You Find?" | Scott Slocum Scott Slocum
5/5/2019 Baptisms, Dedications, and Ordination Service Scott Slocum
5/12/2019 Pursuing Balance Megan Shrestha
5/26/2019 Faith Acts: Faith Takes Risks Scott Slocum
6/2/2019 Getting Your Life in Shape Christine Wilkens
6/30/2019 Communion Message: A 2nd Touch, And 3rd, and 4th... Scott Slocum
7/7/2019 His First Miracle Matt Baumgartner
7/28/2019 Awaken to Purpose
9/15/2019 Seasons Megan Shrestha
10/6/2019 Closing the Generation Gap
10/27/2019 You're Invited Jim Wilkens
11/17/2019 Knowing and Doing Matt Baumgartner
11/24/2019 Knowing and Doing Part 2 Matt Baumgartner
12/9/2019 Baptism and Child Dedication Service Scott Slocum
12/29/2019 Redefining Hope Matt Baumgartner
3/1/2020 An Impossible Command Scott Slocum
3/8/2020 Detours, Dead Ends, Dry Holes Scott Slocum
3/22/2020 When You Find Yourself in the Middle...Crisis Scott Slocum
3/29/2020 Crisis, Part 2. 03-29-20 Complete service - streamed Scott Slocum
4/5/2020 Crisis, Part 3. 04-05-20 Complete service - streamed Scott Slocum
4/12/2020 Easter 2020. Complete streamed service Scott Slocum
4/19/2020 04-19-20 Complete Streamed Service Scott Slocum
4/26/2020 04-26-19 Complete Streamed Service Matt Baumgartner
5/10/2020 05-10-20 Live Stream - Mother's Day! Scott Slocum
6/21/2020 Father's Day. The Prodigal Son Scott Slocum
8/2/2020 Restart: week 1. Scott Slocum
8/9/2020 Worship Makes it Better. Part 1 Scott Slocum
8/16/2020 Worship Makes it Better, part 2 Scott Slocum
8/24/2020 Resilient Matt Baumgartner
8/30/2020 In Transition Matt Baumgartner
9/13/2020 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands Scott Slocum
9/20/2020 It's Not Me, It's You Scott Slocum