Sermons Series

Retweeting Jesus: "The Way, The Truth, The Life"

Russ Joy, Pastor of Student Ministries Retweeting Jesus: "The Way, The Truth, The Life" Today's Worship Set: 1. Let Our Faith Become a Mountain by Jesus Culture 2. Fearless by Kim Walker-Smith 3. Faithful Now by Vertical Worship 03-07-21

Date Title Speaker
3/4/2012 Formula for Success Scott Slocum
3/11/2012 When You've Lost Your Edge Scott Slocum
3/18/2012 On Mission Scott Slocum
4/1/2012 Transformational Worship Scott Slocum
4/8/2012 Best Life Ever Scott Slocum
5/20/2012 Bringing a Smile to God's Face Scott Slocum
7/22/2012 A Successful College Experience, not to mention: Life Scott Slocum
8/12/2012 So what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Scott Slocum
10/7/2012 By Chance or By Choice Scott Slocum
11/4/2012 Right, Heart, Feet. Part 1
11/11/2012 Right, Heart, Feet. Part 2
11/25/2012 What are You Thankful For?
12/30/2012 Peace Makers
1/6/2013 New Year's Reconciliation
1/13/2013 When God Calls Your Name - Getting Started Scott Slocum
1/20/2013 When God Calls Your Name - part 2: Finishing Strong Scott Slocum
1/27/2013 "Greater Things" Steve & Amy Nehlsen
3/10/2013 When Jesus Heals Your Life Martin Sanders
3/24/2013 Just Jesus Jason Dumaine
3/31/2013 Hitting a Wall. Easter 2013 Scott Slocum
5/26/2013 The Heart of a Soldier
6/2/2013 Set For Life! Scott Slocum
6/9/2013 Identity Defines Purpose
6/16/2013 How God Wired Men Mark Blow
6/23/2013 Be The One Scott Slocum
6/30/2013 The Passover Lamb Scott Slocum
7/7/2013 Our Purpose Jason Dumaine
7/14/2013 Faithful in a Faithless World Scott Slocum
7/21/2013 When it All Comes Crashing Down Scott Slocum
7/28/2013 Standing on the River Bank
8/4/2013 "I Want Your Autograph" - A Lesson on Greatness Scott Slocum
8/11/2013 Rebuilding Community
8/18/2013 Isaiah 53: Behold My Servant Karl DeSouza
8/25/2013 On Mission in Passing Through
9/1/2013 The Church
10/6/2013 The Shepherd's Promise Josh Masters
11/3/2013 Strength in Weakness
11/17/2013 Believe Scott Slocum
11/24/2013 A Great Thanksgiving Scott Slocum
12/1/2013 Letting Go Jason Dumaine
12/8/2013 Yada
12/15/2013 Believe, part 2 Scott Slocum
12/29/2013 The Gift of God's Son
1/5/2014 New Year, New Heart, New Mind, New Focus
1/12/2014 Only for Awhile Scott Slocum
1/19/2014 What to Do on the Worst Day of Your Life Scott Slocum
1/26/2014 Tim Crouch at Essex Alliance Tim Crouch
2/2/2014 Be Light Karen Conkle
3/23/2014 Foundations - Christ Our Saviour
3/30/2014 Invite Them to the Party Scott Slocum
4/20/2014 Doors: Barriers or Thresholds Scott Slocum
5/11/2014 Blessed Christine Wilkens
5/18/2014 The Power Of The Promise is His Presence Jason Dumaine
6/15/2014 The Calling
7/6/2014 Pinterest Perfect Problem
7/13/2014 Our Calling Keith Beyar
8/3/2014 A Real Success Story Scott Slocum
8/17/2014 The Forgiveness Plan Joshua Masters
8/24/2014 Teaching, Not Telling
8/31/2014 Seasons of Spiritual Transformation Jim Wilkens
10/12/2014 Winning The Battle
10/19/2014 Don't Be A Fool Scott Slocum
10/26/2014 Don't be a Orphan Scott Slocum
11/9/2014 In Remembrance JimWilkens
11/23/2014 It's Complicated
11/30/2014 Advent of Joy& Hope not debt & depression Christine Wilkens
12/14/2014 Beyond Caring Into Action
12/28/2014 What Did You Get?
1/18/2015 Remember Joshua Master
1/25/2015 Listening and Doing
2/22/2015 Be More David Aderholdt
3/1/2015 Who is Jesus and why does it matter? David Aderholdt
3/9/2015 Love God Scott Slocum
4/5/2015 No More Dead EndsMatthew 28 Scott Slocum
4/19/2015 What's Love Got To Do With It? Jim & Christine
5/10/2015 Stretch
5/24/2015 Project Soul Dance Christine Wilkens
5/31/2015 Help Is not a Four letter Word
6/21/2015 Perseverance Under Pressure Jim Wilkens
7/5/2015 A big story about a really big God
8/9/2015 Pursuing Presence Propelling Passion
8/23/2015 Don't Be Afraid,Trust and Follow
8/30/2015 Nehemiah revisited
9/6/2015 Project Soul Dance 2 Christine Wilkens
9/20/2015 Love Must Be Sincere
10/4/2015 Make It Real
10/25/2015 The Key To Fruitfulness Andy Geffers
11/8/2015 He Loves Us
11/15/2015 My Part And Your Part Scott Slocum
12/6/2015 God’s Knowledge Brings Comfort Rev. Tom Flanders
12/13/2015 What in the World? Scott Slocum
12/29/2015 What Did You Get
1/10/2016 Be The One Scott Slocum
1/17/2016 Empowerment for Reconciliation Forgiveness Christine Wilkens
1/24/2016 Reconciliation Jim Wilkens
1/31/2016 When Change Seems Distant Scott Slocum
2/16/2016 No Fear Of Failure Scott Slocum
2/21/2016 CHOOSE
2/28/2016 The Battle Between Flesh&Spirit
3/27/2016 Your Choice Scott Slocum
5/8/2016 What Mother's Need Most Scott Slocum
5/15/2016 Intentional, Intimate, Obedient
5/29/2016 Won't You Be My Neighbor Scott Slocum
6/26/2016 Decisions and Destiny Jeff Quinn
7/3/2016 I Believe Jim Wilkens
7/10/2016 Godly Sorrow Keith Beyar
8/7/2016 Spiritual Growth Keth Beyar
8/21/2016 Life 2016 Recap
8/28/2016 Chosen For What? David Brickner
9/4/2016 More Than Sight Russ Joy
9/26/2016 Election 2016 Left Wing? Right Wing? Or A Wing And A Prayer Scott Slocum
10/2/2016 JAARS Mike Mower
10/30/2016 Radical Hospitality Chris Centracchio
12/4/2016 What Beating Cancer Looks Like Erron Hubbell
12/19/2016 The Untold Christmas Story Scott Slocum
1/29/2017 The Greatest Verse
2/19/2017 Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here Christine Wilkens
3/12/2017 Annual Report Scott Slocum
4/16/2017 Hope Scott Slocum
5/7/2017 Not By Bread Alone Jim Wilkens
6/4/2017 Communion Scott Slocum
6/12/2017 Sudden Storms Scott Slocum
6/18/2017 A Great Gift For Your Kids Scott Slocum
7/2/2017 The Good News Of Freedom In Christ Mike James
7/9/2017 GREATNESS
7/23/2017 Our God Is A Sending God Andy Geffers
8/20/2017 TIME/TIME
8/28/2017 You're Not Alone Jim Wilkens
9/4/2017 Stories Russ Joy
10/15/2017 Who's In Your Picture? Jeff Quinn
10/29/2017 Forgiveness John Stumbo
11/5/2017 Why Not You? Scott Slocum
11/12/2017 God's Righteousness Revealed Jim Wilkens
2/4/2018 Go To The Land. I Will Show You Rob Childs
6/3/2018 Stones Russ Joy
6/10/2018 What It Takes to go the Long Haul Christine Wilkens
8/26/2018 Awaken to Kingdom Reality Janice Quinlan
9/2/2018 Missionary Keith Beyar Keith Beyar
9/9/2018 JAARS John Strawser
10/28/2018 Remember to Pray Rob Childs
11/4/2018 The Life of a Tent Dweller Jeff White
11/11/2018 Qualities of a Good Soldier Scott Slocum
12/16/2018 Joy beyond Christmas Scott Slocum
12/30/2018 Just Say No Scott Slocum
2/17/2019 The Value of a Broken Heart Scott Slocum
2/24/2019 The Jesus Special Russ Joy
3/3/2019 Living on Mission Scott Slocum
3/24/2019 Rise and Go! Matt Baumgartner
4/14/2019 Journey to the Table Matt Baumgartner
4/21/2019 Easter 2019 - "What Will You Find?" | Scott Slocum Scott Slocum
5/5/2019 Baptisms, Dedications, and Ordination Service Scott Slocum
5/12/2019 Pursuing Balance Megan Shrestha
5/26/2019 Faith Acts: Faith Takes Risks Scott Slocum
6/2/2019 Getting Your Life in Shape Christine Wilkens
6/30/2019 Communion Message: A 2nd Touch, And 3rd, and 4th... Scott Slocum
7/7/2019 His First Miracle Matt Baumgartner
7/28/2019 Awaken to Purpose
9/15/2019 Seasons Megan Shrestha
10/6/2019 Closing the Generation Gap
10/27/2019 You're Invited Jim Wilkens
11/17/2019 Knowing and Doing Matt Baumgartner
11/24/2019 Knowing and Doing Part 2 Matt Baumgartner
12/9/2019 Baptism and Child Dedication Service Scott Slocum
12/29/2019 Redefining Hope Matt Baumgartner
3/1/2020 An Impossible Command Scott Slocum
3/8/2020 Detours, Dead Ends, Dry Holes Scott Slocum
3/22/2020 When You Find Yourself in the Middle...Crisis Scott Slocum
3/29/2020 Crisis, Part 2. 03-29-20 Complete service - streamed Scott Slocum
4/5/2020 Crisis, Part 3. 04-05-20 Complete service - streamed Scott Slocum
4/12/2020 Easter 2020. Complete streamed service Scott Slocum
4/19/2020 04-19-20 Complete Streamed Service Scott Slocum
4/26/2020 04-26-19 Complete Streamed Service Matt Baumgartner
5/10/2020 05-10-20 Live Stream - Mother's Day! Scott Slocum
6/21/2020 Father's Day. The Prodigal Son Scott Slocum
8/2/2020 Restart: week 1. Scott Slocum
8/9/2020 Worship Makes it Better. Part 1 Scott Slocum
8/16/2020 Worship Makes it Better, part 2 Scott Slocum
8/24/2020 Resilient Matt Baumgartner
8/30/2020 In Transition Matt Baumgartner
9/13/2020 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands Scott Slocum
9/20/2020 It's Not Me, It's You Scott Slocum
9/27/2020 When Do We Disobey? Scott Slocum
10/18/2020 Who Do I Vote For? Scott Slocum
10/25/2020 Living in the End Times Scott Slocum
11/1/2020 "5K" Russ Joy
11/8/2020 I Need a Break Matt Baumgartner
12/6/2020 "God in the Flesh" Matt Baumgartner
12/13/2020 "Too Good to be True" Scott Slocum
12/20/2020 "Silent Night, Silent Years" Scott Slocum
1/3/2021 "Everything Seems Broken" Scott Slocum
2/21/2021 Retweeting Jesus: "Do Unto Others" Matt Baumgartner
2/28/2021 Retweeting Jesus: "Do Not Worry" Matt Baumgartner
3/7/2021 Retweeting Jesus: "The Way, The Truth, The Life" Russ Joy