lil'Fusion Family Resources

We know that two combined influences will make a greater impact than just two separate influences.  When the church and family partner together with a shared strategy to influence the hearts of their children, the effect will be greater.  So, we want to take every opportunity we can to create shared experiences for parents and kids, and put resources in the hands of parents because we know that what happens at home ultimately is more important than what happens here at church.

So at lil'Fusion, we send home at the beginning of each month a great resource.  It is the Parent Cue.  It gives you a summary of the Bible stories, memory verse, key question, and bottom line for the month.  It also gives you 4 great activities or discussions you can have with your preschooler either at play time, car time, bath time or cuddle time. 

Just in case these don't make it home, or you miss the first Sunday of the month, we post these resources here.  Download them, print them, use them, and let us know if they help your family!  We would love to hear your story of growing together in faith at home. 

We use a curriculum for our nursery and preschool called First Look.

Below you will find the overview of the teaching for the next two months. Also, check your emails for the weekly Parent Cue. If you have not received it yet please contact Michelle Turner at

May 2019

ic Truth: God made me. 

Memory Verse:“We have the Lord our God to help us.” 2 Chronicles 32:8 NLT

Bottom Line: God helps me do big things.

June 2019

Basic Truth: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Memory Verse:“I can do everything by the power of Christ.” Philippians 4:13, NIrV

Bottom Line: Jesus gives me the power to do everything.